STOIK PanoramaMaker (Win)

Create stunning panoramas with ease

STOIK PanoramaMaker (Win)

STOIK PanoramaMaker software (Windows) will create a stunning panorama in just a few clicks. Enjoy making cool panoramic images with Stoik Panorama Maker program! Taking care of overlapping and camera tilt and improve/enhance wrong exposure and colors, STOIK Panorama offers both fully automated and advanced manual panorama stitching. STOIK panorama editor has a rich set of panotools, such as zoom compensation, lens distortion correction, stitching. STOIK panorama maker program is the best panoramic software for stitching excellent multi-row panoramas.
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Creating tiled Panorama with STOIK PanoramaMaker (video)
How to create tiled panorama with STOIK PanoramaMaker - brief video tutorial.
How to create horizontal panoramic image with STOIK PanoramaMaker for Mac
Creating horizontal panorama with STOIK PanoramaMaker for Mac.
How to get advantage of STOIK Imaging product integration
Save your time with combined power of STOIK products

... we think Stoik Redeye Autofix is a good bet for folks who primarily need its batch-removal powers.
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STOIK PanoramaMaker for Windows - Adding images
STOIK PanoramaMaker for Windows - stitching horizontal panorama
STOIK PanoramaMaker for Windows STOIK PanoramaMaker for Windows - stitching tiled panorama
STOIK PanoramaMaker for Windows - exporting panorama