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STOIK Partners

STOIK Software is proud of being a long-term business partner with the leading hardware manufacturers and software publishers in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Movavi  - White label product licensing (2011)
MetroFax  - Licensed STOIK Document Enhancement SDK for mobile platforms (2011)
Nokia  - Since 2010 STOIK is recognized developer and publisher of mobile application for Nokia smartphones.
Samsung Techwin (South Korea) - OEM license for software bundle with digital cameras (2005-2009)
RICOH (Japan) - Software bundle with digital cameras (2007-2010)
Athentech logoAthentech Imaging - Licensed automatic noise reduction library for Perfectly Clear (tm) product
Yes Video logoYesVideo, Inc. - end user software development (2005-2010).
Smith Micro Software - publishes STOIK Digital Photo products (2009 - 2010),
licensed software libraries (2007).
CeWe Color (Europe-wide) - licensed software library (2008)
OpenDoor (Japan) - licensed mobile morphing server (2008)
SpinStitch - licensed software library(2008)
Bruynzeel-Sakura bv - OEM license of  Color By Number hobby software (2008)
San Marco Imaging Group (Italy) - Software bundle with minilabs (2007)
Buka (Russia) publishes STOIK Digital Photo products (2007-2008)
Pinnacle Systems(worldwide) - OEM license of image editor and image processing library (2003)
CeWe Color (Europe-wide) - OEM license  of image editor for distribution on Image CD (2003)
DataBecker (Germany) - OEM license  (2003)
iSeeMedia (Canada) - OEM license, software bundle (2003)
PixelDragons - distributes STOIK Red Eye Plugin with their batch image processor Image Genius (2006)
Toipcs Entertainment (US) - licensed PM Stitch Creator  (2002)
Anuman Interactive (France) - PM Stitch Creator, series of hobby products, products under 'for dummies' brand (2000-2001)
AIM Productions (Belgium) - PM Album 2.0 for Benelux (2001)
Formoza (Russia) - Picture Man Paitner 2.0 OEM (2001)
TLC/Domus (Netherland) - PM Stitch Creator (2001)
Greenstreet (UK) - private labelled software (2001)
Macmillan Software distributes PM Painter 2.0 as a part of its best selling Web Page Construction Kit 6.0 Deluxe (2000)
Novy Disk (Russia) - PM Stitch Creator and other STOIK products (2001 - 2008)
gti-franceGT Interactive (France) publishes STOIK products (1999)
bhvbhv (Germany) publishes STOIK products (1999)
WizardWorksWizardWorks (a GT Interactive company) to release STOIK Software image processing suite (1998)
QuarterdeckHiJaak Paint and HiJaak Morph licensed to Inset Systems - Quarterdeck - IMSI(1995)
IntelSince 1995 STOIK participates in marketing programs of Intel. PictureMan was the first image editor on the market optimized for MMX technology
MitcomMitCom Neue Medien GmbH publishes German versions of PM Rubber, MorphMan, PM Painter, Deformer (1997-1998)
NECNEC Corp. licenses Picture Man 3.0 PRO for Japanese market (1997) Lavix releasesJapanese version of PM Rubber Plugin  (1997)
PRIMAX Intl.Primax Intl. licenses Scan&Stitch, Scan&Color(1997)
SybexSYBEX publishes French versions of PictureMan 2.0 (1994), MorphingMan (1996), PainterStudio (1998)
TELEPIX ImagingTelepix Imaging Co.,  - a private labeled product from STOIK (1999)
WSKA EditionsWSKA Editions releases French versions of PictureMan Collection, Plugins, (1996) Deformer (1997)
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STOIK Software modules, technologies, and programs were licensed for the products by Netscape Communications Corp., Quarterdeck Corp., Berkeley Systems, Samsung Electronics, Primax International, Darim Vision, and others.