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New product: Video Enhancement SDK

STOIK Imaging Offers a Video Enhancement SDK to Software Developers

STOIK Imaging announces the release of STOIK Video Enhancement SDK, a solution for software developers wrapping up the entire set of video upscaling, processing and enhancement options into a single software development kit.

STOIK Video Enhancement helps fixing common user errors in consumer video footage, and offers developers a quick and easy way of integrating a variety of video enhancement technologies into the project. The SDK allows implementing noise reduction, exposure correction, color balance correction, image stabilization, de-blurring, de-interlacing, and HD upscaling techniques in a few lines of code.

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK incorporates the results of many years of intensive research in still image and video processing, and makes use of information from neighbor frames to enhance the entire video clip frame after frame. The STOIK Super-Resolution technology performs studio-like high-definition video upscaling, producing smooth, artifact-free HD videos from an SD source.

About STOIK Video Enhancement SDK

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK allows fixing common user errors in consumer video footage completely automatically. The SDK offers developers a quick and easy way to include a number of professional video enhancements into a software project. The effects include adaptive anti-shake (video stabilization), de-blurring, de-interlacing, video noise reduction and HD upscaling algorithms along with a variety of picture adjustments such as exposure and color balance correction.

The algorithms featured in the Video Enhancement SDK are robust and fully adaptive, using information from neighboring frames to enhance the current frame. They are based on STOIK original and precise task oriented motion estimation /compensation engine. By using neighbor frame information, STOIK Video Enhancement SDK offers convincing noise reduction without sacrificing meaningful detail, and produces shake-free and motion blur-free videos when corresponding processing modes are employed.

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK employs advanced de-interlacing and video upscaling algorithms, producing progressive high-definition videos out of interlaced SD clips. The newly developed STOIK Super-Resolution algorithm produces crisp and detailed sceneries by using image details from neighboring frames for upscaling the current one. The results are studio-like and comparable to the best dedicated upscaling units. Resolutions of up to 1080p are supported.

The anti-shake algorithm can also use neighboring frames to enhance the final result. Future frames motion analysis allows to measure and suppress shakiness accurately even in one pass scheme. The newly developed Inter-frame Fill anti-shake mode allows producing crop and border-free stabilized videos out of videos shot with heavy shake.

The new STOIK Video Noise Reduction technique based on next generation of popular STOIK Photo Noise AutoFix filter involving dynamic self-learning noise model and video details tracking along with effective noise suppression.

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK makes it easy to process videos of any specifications. Supporting all standard and custom resolutions, STOIK Video Enhancement SDK can process Web-sized clips as well as high-definition videos, converting one into another if needed.

Pricing and Availability

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK Price quotation as well as evaluation version available upon request.

More information available at STOIK Video Enhancement SDK product page.

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